Access Amazon Prime Day Deals without a Prime Membership

Access Amazon Prime Day Deals without a Prime Membership

Do you want to participate in the Amazon Prime Day hype and deals? Below are some ways to be a participant when you’re not a Prime member. You’ll be able to get into the Prime Day actions without paying the $199 yearly fee.


You can try out Amazon Prime free for 30 days. Meanwhile, you’ll need to link a valid payment card to your account before you can be allowed to have the free access. Your card will be billed $119 yearly or $12.99 monthly if you do not cancel before the 30 days expiration date. 

Looking from the previous years, Prime Day deals are usually launched before the main commencement date and you must have a valid membership to shop in the Prime Day deals as well as early teaser deals. Going by this, try to create your free trial account on or before July 1 and cancel it latest by the end of July. 

If your existing Amazon account does not offer you a free trial, the best solution is to create another Amazon account solely for a free trial. Bear in mind that you’ll need to use another email address for the new account. This is the email you’ll be using to login to enjoy the Prime Day deals. You’ll also get all shopping updates with the new email. As a student, you’ll get a six-month free trial and a discount of 50% on subscription.


Black Friday sales are launched in July prior Prime Day by competing merchants like eBay, Dell, and others. These merchants offer free shipping deal most of the time to beat the two days free shipping offered by Amazon. Free-in-store pickup is also offered by stores like Walmart and Best Buy. To avoid paying shipping fees on your watch, laptop, TV, etc., simply search the keywords, “Black Friday sales in July”.


A lot of the retailers want to remain competitive with Amazon by offering price-matching and price-adjustment policies. Despite the difference in each retailer’s policies, you can buy a retailer’s product with the same retailer on Amazon if the price of the product is lower on Amazon. Nevertheless, the make, color, model, etc., of the product on Amazon must be the same with what the retailer has in stock. Evidence by retailers is also different. For some, you’ll need to call the customer care, some permits you to show Amazon’s price to register on your phone, and some also, through an online chat by sending a link to a customer rep.

You may not be lucky if you’re trying to match the price of a sold Prime Day lightning deal because some of these retailers prefer to have the item in stock and with Amazon. The print and the price matching does not guarantee a Prime Day Sales. You may miss out of the fast-moving lightning deals with the delays caused when providing proof. Also, Prime exclusive offers are generally removed by some retailers from the price matching programs. If you don’t have Prime, consider giving price matching a shot. Upon a successful deal, you are already involved in the Prime Day shopping without you subscribing for a Prime membership.


The leveraging of a brick-and-mortar partnership is decided by Amazon on the Prime Day as it was with Whole Foods during the holidays. Specials on Fire TV-capable televisions and Echos Kindles are available with Amazon partners. This is because you don’t need a Prime membership subscription to shop at Best Buy or Whole Foods, snagging the price of Prime Day without being a Prime member.

However, you must bear in mind that in-store Prime Day deals offered to Prime members can be limited by Amazon. This has been done for Whole Foods Prime-only deals, meaning there’s no assurance that members who do not have a subscription on Prime will likely shop any in-store deals.

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