How To Choose Your Window Treatment Options Wisely

How To Choose Your Window Treatment Options Wisely

With such a wide availability of styles & materials, window treatments are a perfect way to add color and elevate a space. They are also convenient, offering you a way to have control over the heat, light and privacy in every room. Here in this post, we will throw a look at the different type of window treatment options out there.

While choosing window treatments, take into account the ambience you wish to create in your room. Window treatments range from conventional pleated drapes to modern blinds & shades, making them an ideal way to transform your room and infuse personality. How you cover your window helps establish the design tone. Long drapes made of rich velvet infuse drama to a formal room. Whereas roman shades with bold geometric colors and prints offer your room a contemporary elegance.

Curtains & drapes:

Versatile curtains and drapes are classic window treatment options that work perfectly in both casual & formal rooms. The mixture of lush fabric with a large rod seems stylish in a formal room, whereas lightweight fabrics soften the space it is in. Tab-top curtains that keep the rod visible work well in informal rooms, whereas drapes with noticeable pleats sewn into the panels’ tops are of the conventional style.


Simple yet stylish, shades cover windows from top to bottom when closed to offer color and privacy. When used with valances, curtains or cornices, shades blend well in both formal and casual rooms.

Valances & cornices:
Short and sweet, valances & cornices infuse ornamental interest to any window but work particularly well as kitchen window treatments.


Sheers are airy and allow ample light through, making them perfect for rooms where you wish softened sunlight. These fabrics offer limited privacy & work best in combination with heavier shades.


Blinds are classic window treatments that offer great control over light and privacy levels in the room. Wood blinds infuse an organic feel to a room, whereas metal blinds inject an industrial touch. Aluminium blinds are a cost-effective option for garages and laundry rooms. Regardless of the type of blind you have, you can pair them with drapes & valances to infuse color and sophistication.

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